A4Desk Ecommerce Shopping Cart Creator For Website

A4Desk Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software For Website

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Adding General Products

You can add all products (except music and video products) as general products.

To add a general product:

  1. Go to the category under which you want to add the product

  2. Follow one the these methods to manage the product settings.

    • Follow the menu path Edit > Add > Add general product.

    Adding a general product from the menu


    • Click .


    • Click and select Add a new general product.

    Clicking plus sign to add a general product


    • Right-click the category and select Add > Add a new general product.

Right-clicking the category

The Product Settings opens in the main pane.

Displaying product settings

  1. Enter the Product Name.

    Entering a product name


  2. Enter the Product Description.

    Entering a product description


  3. Mention the pricing details: the Original price, Discounted price if applicable, and Shipping if appropriate.

Specifying the price

  1. If you provide product options, select Enable. You can specify two product options. Enter the name of the option.

    Displaying options

    • Click . Enter the name of the new option. Click OK.

    Adding a new option item

    • Click or to rearrange the option items.

    • Click to delete a selected option item.

    • Click to rename the selected option item.

  2. Click to add an image for the product. In the Open dialog, select the relevant image and click OK. The selected image preview is displayed.

Displaying the image

  1. Click to change the product type. Select the new product type and click OK.

Changing the product type

  1. Click or to move to the previous or next item respectively in the category.

  2. Click and select a category to move the particular product to the selected category.

Moving the product to a different category