A4Desk Ecommerce Shopping Cart Creator For Website

A4Desk Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software For Website

  • Multi Currency
  • Multi Language Content
  • No script, No SQL required


Installing A4Desk Flash Shopping Cart Creator

You have to purchase or download the Flash Shopping Cart Creator software from www.a4commerce.com

After downloading the executable file, follow these steps to install:

  1. Double-click the executable file a4dsc_setup.exe. The A4Desk Flash Shopping Cart Creator Setup Wizard opens.

Starting the installation

  1. Click Next to start the installation.
  2. In the License Agreement screen, accept the agreement, and click Next to proceed with the installation.

Accepting the license

  1. In the Select Destination Location screen, specify where Flash Shopping Cart Creator has to be installed. By default, Flash Shopping Cart Creator will be installed in C:\Program Files\A4Desk Flash Shopping Cart Creator. To install in a different location, click Browse and choose the location. Click Next to continue.

Selecting destination folder

  1. In the Select Start Menu Folder screen, specify where program's shortcut has to be installed. By default, the shortcut is placed in the Start Menu folder. To select a different folder, click Browse and choose the folder. Click Next to continue.

Specifying location for shortcut

  1. In the Select Addition Tasks screen, select the option Create a desktop icon if you want the A4 Video Converter icon on the desktop. Click Next to proceed.

Creating desktop icon

  1. In the Ready to Install screen, verify the settings. To change the settings, click Back, and modify the relevant settings. Click Install to start the installation.

Verifying settings

  1. After the installation, select the option Launch A4Desk Flash Shopping Cart Creator to open the creator. Click Finish to exit the setup.