A4Desk Ecommerce Shopping Cart Creator For Website

A4Desk Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software For Website

  • Multi Currency
  • Multi Language Content
  • No script, No SQL required


Managing Shop Settings

Flash Shopping Cart Creator allows you to change the settings. To access the Shop settings, following one of these methods:

  1. Click .

  2. Go to the Shot setting tab displayed in the main pane when you are in the first level.

The settings are classified into Basic Info, Publish size, text, and Payment Setting.

Basic Info

Displaying the Basic Info settings

Basic Info Description
Homepage Mention the web address of your homepage.
Email Mention your company's email id.
Currency Choose the currency that your shopping cart will use.

Publish size

These settings relate to the size and target of the published site.

Displaying the Publish size settings

Publish size Description
Width Specify the width of the published shopping cart.
Height Specify the height of the published shopping cart.
Lock Ratio Select this option if you want to maintain the width to height ratio while changing the size.
Original size Click to restore the original size.
Target Window Specify whether you want the shopping cart to open in the same window or a pop-up window.


These settings relate to the text to be displayed while images, videos, and audios are not available.

Displaying the land highlight effects

text Description
No image Mention the text to be displayed when image is unavailable.
No video Mention the text to be displayed when video is unavailable.
No audio Mention the text to be displayed when audio is unavailable.
Basic Info Mention any information about the company such as copyright and so on.

Payment Settings

These settings relate to payment service and email.

Displaying the payment settings

Payment Settings Description
Payment service Choose the payment service that your shopping cart offers.
Email Mention the email address.