A4Desk Ecommerce Shopping Cart Creator For Website

A4Desk Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software For Website

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  • Multi Language Content
  • No script, No SQL required


Publishing to FTP

You can publish the shopping cart to FTP. To publish the shopping cart:

  1. Follow the menu path File > Publish to FTP or click . The dialog shows the FTP settings.

Specifying FTP settings

  1. Enter the Host name.

  2. Specify the credentials, the Login and Password.

  3. Choose the Port.

  4. Select Transfer mode, which can be either Active or Passive.

  5. Enter the Default directory or click to select the directory. If you are selecting the directory, specify the Path and select a folder from the FTP location or click to create a new folder. Click OK.

Select a directory

  1. Click to ensure the connection is correct. A message is displayed if the connection is successful. Click OK.
  2. Click . A message is displayed to indicate the successful connection. Click OK.

  3. Select the publish folder. If required create a new folder. Click .

Selecting publish folder

  1. Click .

Displaying the code

  1. Copy the code and embed the code in your web pages. You can also copy the code to the clipboard. Click .
  2. Click . If the folder where you are publishing contains files, a message is displayed. Click Yes to overwrite the files.

    Prompting to overwrite the files


  3. After the operation is over, a message is displayed. Click OK

Displaying prompt after publishing

  1. The dialog displays the status of the publish operations. Click to view the files in the published folder. Click to close the dialog.